Discovering the leaf bar platinum disposable vape features

Discovering the leaf bar platinum disposable vape features

Discovering the leaf bar platinum disposable vape features

The Leaf Bar Platinum 8000 Puff vape is in trend nowadays. It comes with 16mL bottles of delicious e-liquid with a 500mAh USB-C rechargeable battery. This disposable bar lasts for 8000 puffs. Thanks to the variety of range the company has launched which makes it different from others. It comes with extraordinarily rich flavored e-liquids. 

In addition, it has a USB type C charging port with draw-activated operation & Dura Mesh coils. These elements make this collection an incredibly rich e-liquid-flavored set as compared to the other competitors. Here in this blog, we are sharing the top 13 Leaf bar platinum disposable vape flavors.

Take a look at the uncountable options of flavors.

Banana Ice

Experience the captivating creamy texture of Banana Ice flavor from Leaf Bar Platinum 8000 Puffs Disposable Vape. This flavor makes you drool since the luscious banana meets with the icy, cool, and chilly tropical paradise.

Blackberry Ice

Dive yourself into the frosty blackberry ice that gives a tangy note of blackberries with the crisp, icy touch flavor! It’s a perfect definition of a vaping product that refreshes your soul.

Blueberry ice

Elevate your taste buds with the sense of Blueberry Ice, where Juicy blueberries are enveloped with the minty, cool winter berry treat.

Blue Razz

Taste the electrifying fusion of Blue Razz and enjoy the vibrant taste of Blueberries with Zesty Raspberries together! The combination of these 2 flavors creates a sensation in your mouth with each hit!

Blueberry lemonade

Combine the tangy taste of classic lemonade with the sweet, savory taste of ripe blueberries. It’s a perfect combination you can try on summer days. Taste the tangy flavor that will refresh and rejuvenate your soul.

California Cherry

California Cherry brings you to the vibrant world that captures the essence of sun-kissed cherries from the Golden State. If you want to try something juicy burst flavor, this is an ideal choice.

Cool mint

This cool mint vape flavor is known for giving sensation to your taste buds in summer. It’s a smooth blend of mixture that gives you refreshing notes of crisp mint leaves.

Grape Ice

Experience the refreshing coolness of Grape Ice, where succulent grapes are paired with the chilly exhale. It ensures the grapey delight of flavors with a frosty twist.

Lemon mint

This flavor will awaken your soul with the fresh and minty flavor of zesty lemons, which is intertwined with the combination of soft and fresh mint. Experience a tangy burst of flavor that will rejuvenate your mind!

Mixed berries

This flavor will embark your journey to the berry filled with mixed berries that give a taste of a sweet and tangy medley.

Passion fruit Mango

Want to delve into the tropical world of passion fruit mango? If you want to enjoy the luscious taste of mango, this exotic flavor will give your kick to the taste buds. 

Green Apple

This flavor will encapsulate the zing & crispiness of fresh green apples that will evoke the orchard memories. 

Peach ice

Indulge yourself in the coolness of peach ice that merges with the sweetness of ripe peaches. Get your taste buds with the icy touch of a balanced & refreshing experience.

Along with this, there are some more flavors you can try, like Pina Colada, pineapple, Mango peach, Raspberry wate

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