Reasons why Disposable Vape Mystery Box are so popular among newbies

Reasons why Disposable Vape Mystery Box are so popular among newbies

Reasons why Disposable Vape Mystery Box are so popular among newbies


Disposable vape devices have quickly gained fame in the market and have become one of the ideal ways to vape. Disposable vapes have been popular around the world because it is being picked up more readily than other vaping kits. As per the recent survey, in 2021, disposable vape were used by only 4.6% of vapers, but in 2023, this figure has shot up to 15.2% of vapers.Have you ever wanted to know the reasons behind this popularity? Let’s find out in another great Podlix Blog post!

Ultimate way to vape for beginners- Disposable vape mystery box

Mixed flavors  disposable vape mystery box is the ideal product for those who love to indulge in unique and delicious flavors. The mystery box includes handpicked options of premium vapes in multiple exciting flavors, which will make you drool. The mystery box has everything from sweet to savory and fruity to bold.

The disposable vape mystery box contains a random selection of 5 to 10 different disposable vapes from multiple brands. This is the ultimate product for beginners who want to try different flavors from different brands on a budget. The name Mystery Box goes perfectly with this because you’ll never know what you’ll get next from the box. Every vape is delicious & high quality. You will get vapes from 1200 puffs to 10,000 puffs each! 

Reasons that make you drool over this product from Podlix:

A convenient choice

The biggest reason why this product has gained popularity is the convenience it offers. You can use these products straight from the box without any maintenance. This is an ideal choice for newbies who don’t have any prior experience. If you are trying to quit your smoking habit, it’s a great alternative. You can pick these devices in your pocket while traveling and hit them when craving. It’s a cheaper alternative to the bulky mod kits.

Taste the different flavors

Most people have already claimed that the collections of disposable vapes inside the disposable mystery box are better than normal juice. These are prefilled, and the cotton wicks present inside the box are much more saturated than the normal kits. The cotton wicks are soaked up with the e-liquids, and that’s why it delivers the best quality of flavors. You can hit and achieve your desired flavor with every stroke. 

Multiple flavors from multiple brands

With the rise of disposable vapes, the market has released multiple brands and multiple flavors of e-liquids. Those days are gone when you were stuck with one flavor. Do you want to try multiple flavors from multiple brands at one time that too within your budget? If yes, you can try this Disposable Mystery Box.  

Great quality with a great price

If you want to try some great quality vapes at a great price, then the Disposable vape mystery box is a perfect choice. It’s quite tough to select different brands of flavors, and it also costs high. If you want to fulfill your desire to try multiple flavors from multiple brands, then try this mystery box. 

Are you ready to experience the smoother hits? Try a Disposable vape mystery box. I hope the above-discussed reasons make you satisfied and worthy to invest in this product.

P.S. Podlix always give you the best value if you buy a mystery box. 

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