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UNO Charge 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape

UNO Charge 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape

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Strawberry Yogurt: Creamy yogurt infused with the sweetness of ripe strawberries, offering a smooth and indulgent vaping experience.
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Introducing UNO Charge 50000 Disposable Vape, engineered for vapers seeking convenience and flavor. With 5000 puffs and a generous 13ml e-liquid capacity, it ensures extended satisfaction. The 5% nicotine strength delivers a satisfying hit, while the 650mAh battery provides reliable performance. Choose from a variety of flavors to customize your vaping journey. Experience the convenience and flavor of UNO Charge 50000 today!

UNO Charge 5000 Features:

Max Puffs Count: 5000

E-liquid Capacity:13ml

Nicotine Strength: (5%)

Rechargeable: YES

Charging Port: USB-C

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

Battery Indicator: YES

Liquid Indicator: NO

UNO Charge 5000 Flavors:

  • Strawberry Yogurt: Creamy yogurt infused with the sweetness of ripe strawberries, offering a smooth and indulgent vaping experience.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: A refreshing blend of sweet strawberries and juicy watermelon, delivering a fruity and revitalizing vape.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream: Rich and creamy ice cream infused with the essence of ripe strawberries, providing a decadent and satisfying vape.
  • Snow Cone Ice: A nostalgic treat with a medley of fruity flavors and a refreshing icy finish, reminiscent of a classic snow cone.
  • Rainbow: A colorful explosion of fruity flavors that dance on your palate with every puff, offering a vibrant and delightful vaping experience.
  • Peachy Mango Pineapple: A tropical paradise in a vape, combining the exotic flavors of peach, mango, and pineapple for a fruity extravaganza.
  • Kiwi Dragon Berry: Exotic blend of kiwi, dragon fruit, and mixed berries, delivering a unique and refreshing vaping sensation.
  • Jolly Candy: Sweet and nostalgic candy flavor that satisfies your sweet tooth with every puff, offering a delightful and indulgent vape.
  • Jolly Apple: Crisp and tangy apple flavor that captures the essence of biting into a fresh apple, providing a refreshing and fruity vape.
  • Cool Mint: Crisp and invigorating mint flavor that leaves a refreshing sensation with every inhale, perfect for a revitalizing vape.
  • Blueberry Raspberry: A delicious fusion of sweet blueberries and tart raspberries, offering a fruity and flavorful vaping experience.
  • Blue Razz Slushie: Intense blue raspberry flavor with a refreshing icy kick, reminiscent of a classic slushie.
  • Watermelon Candy: Juicy watermelon flavor infused with the sweetness of candy, providing a delightful and indulgent vaping experience.
  • Tiger's Blood: Exotic blend of strawberry, coconut, and watermelon, offering a tropical and refreshing vape.
  • Summer Sip: A refreshing blend of fruity flavors, evoking the taste of a cool summer beverage, perfect for enjoying on a hot day.
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